• Introduction
  • General instructions

BioMediTech, a joint institute of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and University of Tampere (UTA), operates a number of core facilities in the field of biosciences and medical technology. This website will provide you with information about shared instruments and services available to the researchers at BioMediTech as well as outside investigators.

A complete listing of each facility is found on the menu bar to the left. Via this portal, you can navigate to specific facilities’ pages, with information on service, equipment, contacts, and costs.

Pictures: Sami Helenius

The project to enable the cross usage of instruments and equipments provides more diverse collection of research infrastructure and methodology for everybody. For safety and quality reasons following overall rules apply. Individual working environments may have their own special requirements in addition to those mentioned below. In principle, using instruments other than own should happen during office hours. If working on late hours or weekends, the permission should be asked from the institute in question, keys must be handled with special care and the person must ensure that instruments and lights are switched off according to instructions and all doors are locked behind.

Each instrument has:

  • A responsible person (instrument host) with a deputy, contact info visible on or close to the instrument
  • User log book
  • Reservation calendar or similar if necessary
  • Manuals and user instructions easily available
  • All safety regulations and instructions posted nearby
  • All needed personal protection ware in place

Each user:

  • Contacts the host in advance before the first usage of the instrument. Usage is allowed only after tutorial and a reasonable time window should be left to arrange that.
  • Cancels the reservation if it is not going to be used.
  • Brings all consumables with (like own pipettes, pipette tips, chemicals, buffers, test tubes etc) if nothing else is agreed or mentioned in the instrument instructions.
  • Does all required maintenance and cleaning procedures and leaves the place clean after work.
  • Fills the log book so that anybody can read who and from which group was there, what and how much was done and was there anything else to report to the next users or to the instrument host.

Each responsible person (instrument host):

  • Takes care of the working spot with all related to that instrument: contact info is visible, instrument is properly working, all manuals and instructions are available, reservation system exists and proper log book is available.
  • Orders all consumables that are needed there and not expected the users to bring with.
  • Gives a tutorial to new users, either individually or as a group if possible.
  • Notifies the laboratory chief of any maintenance or service that is needed.
  • Informs the users of any interruption in the usage of the instrument, the reason for the break and estimated duration, at minimum by leaving a note on the instrument.
  • Calculates the usage per user or group for billing the costs.