Enzyme Freezer Program

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BioMediTech is able to offer the Kauppi campus community a variety of enzymes and other research products from Thermo Scientific and Life Technologies. To avoid problems with invoicing there is a special need to fill the signing sheets properly.

The companies maintain a stock of commonly used enzymes and molecular biology reagents and kits. For ordering non-stock items or asking to expand the selection with a certain product, please contact the program manager.

Please note that prices and stock availability are subject to change. It is important for everyone to remember that all the enzymes/reagents are property of the companies and must not be picked up without appropriate signing and filling other asked information.

The freezers are located in FM1 3rd floor lobby, nr. 3-140. Passage to the 3rd floor is free from 7.15 to 15.00 o’clock on working days. You can find a pick up list for each freezer. Please fill in all asked information carefully. Also be sure to fill in the correct list.

It is possible to make single orders which will be delivered with the weekly supplement. It is also possible to ask the companies to make additions to the assortment of the store.

Life Technologies pickup store (FM1, 3rd floor, room 3-354)


Life Technologies pickup store is open on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm. Store is locked (no self-service), so Store Managers give the products.

All pickups are marked to the list and later transferred to Life Technologies web order form. Store Managers need the following information: product name, cut number, amount, client name, group, and cost center or project number.

Ordering a procuct which does not belong to the regular assortment:

  • Each group has at least one user ID. Ask the laboratory technician to help with the order.
  • Sign in to Life Technologies web service (Supply Center).
  • Click the link "Order non-stocked items".
  • You can either choose delivery via Supply Center (without delivery costs, delivery on Tuesday of the following week) or the rapid delivery (with normal delivery costs).

Price lists:

Thermo Scientific (Updated 16.1.2015)

Life Technologies (Updated 20.9.2013)

Program and Pickup Store Manager:

Ulla Kiiskinen
Tel: +358 50 318 3578
Room: ARVO E301

Pickup Store Vice-Manager:

Merja Jokela
Tel: +358 50 437 2641
Room: ARVO D330