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Physiological Measurements Facility is located in the Sähkötalo, campus area of Tampere University of Technology (TUT), and in the FinnMedi 1 building, next to Tampere University Hospital. We have several equipment for bioelectrical, like ECG, EEG and bioimpedance, measurements.

We also have expertise on processing and analysis of physiological signals.


  • recording and analysing bioelectric and biomechanical signals
  • ECG, EDA (GSR), EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, Force, Pressure, Strain, Flow, Temperature, Sound, Light
  • filters (FIR and IIR), spectral analysis and histograms
  • export data to MatLab, LabVIEW, and MS Excel/Word


  • true differential 4-terminal connections
  • 1 μV, 1 pA sensitivity
  • impedance range 10 Ω to > 1 G Ω
  • up to 750 kHz frequency range

Impedance Pneumography

  • light, ambulatory, long-term physiological measurement device
  • dimensions 51x83x15 mm, weight 83 g, 24 h recording time
  • one channel four-electrode impedance pneumography measurement with 256 Hz
  • one channel ECG measurement with 512 Hz
  • tri-axial acceleration measurement with 30 Hz
  • 2 GB memory, < 1 mA current at 100 kHz


  • EEG measurements up to 512 channels and sampling rates up to 20 kHz
  • impedance testing with visual display with values for each electrode
  • online data processing including DC offset removal, filtering, re-referencing, montage selection, etc.
  • online averaging, FFT, wavelets, source reconstruction, etc.

Emotiv EPOC

  • high resolution, multi-channel, wireless neuroheadset
  • 14 sensors plus 2 references for positioning for accurate spatial resolution

Impedance Spectroscopy HF2IS, Zurich Instruments

  • 2 measurement units with single-ended and differential operation
  • 1 µHz - 50 MHz analog frequency range
  • 210 MSample/s, 14 bit A/D conversion
  • 4 frequencies simultaneously (8 with HF2IS-MF option)
  • 2/3/4-terminal measurement configurations
  • Large range of demodulation filter settings
  • 4x 1 MSample/s, 16 bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog output
  • 2x 400 kSample/s, 16 bit, ±10 V auxiliary analog input

Ergomill Treadmill

  • Heart rate control

Prices will be defined based on customer needs. Please inquire!

Laboratory Manager:

Pasi Kauppinen
Tampere University of Technology
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Tel: +358 40 567 0042

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