Virus Production

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BioMediTech Virus Production facility is devoted to small and medium scale virus production. Facility users will benefit from a secure BSL2+ or BSL3 environment generate and propagate retroviruses, lentiviruses as well as Sendai Viruses and to maintain transduced cells. Our technicians and virus specialist will help you with the experimental design and practical training required for your experiments. They will also organize systematic control for the presence of virus in your culture media and deliver certificates of quality for your "virus free" clones and cell lines.

BioMediTech (BMT), University of Tampere users and associates are allowed to use the facility (see prices) on their own, provided they master virus production, received the adequate training and have agreed our specific guidelines about virus handling. Assistance and training from our technical personal will be offered to researchers from the University of Tampere and associates (call the contact person).

All viral production is performed in a BSL3 facility equipped two working stations and four incubators. It also includes fluorescent microscope, dedicated centrifugation equipment as well as +4 and -20 storage space. Generic cell culture equipment are provided. Lentiviral vectors and classical cell lines can be provided on demand.

A secondary annex is also available. This larger Bsl2 facility, mainly dedicated to less hazardous viral work, can be used to maintain infected cell lines before they are certified "virus free" by our technicians. This facility includes one working station and two incubators dedicated to the virus production facility. In addition it incudes untracentrifugation and -80 storage space for viruses.

The facility rental fee is 32 €/h for academic users at University of Tampere. For further information, please contact the main technical service.

Facility director and contact person:

Eric Dufour
Tel: +358 50 318 2655
Room: ARVO D327

Main technical service:

Kristina Lehtinen
Tel: +358 50 443 7223
Room: ARVO E232

Janette Hinkka
Tel: +358 50 443 7225
Room: ARVO E232

Additional contact information can be found in the Viral Work manual (only for BMT users!).

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